The New Year

Goodbye 2018…Hello 2019! Whether you like it or not 2018 is coming to close and 2019 is knocking at the door. Wow! This year has absolutely flown by. It seems like yesterday I was back in the same setting I am right now trying to decide if I would have the energy or motivation to stay up until midnight or simply go to bed knowing that the new year was coming whether I was up or not. The new year can bring a mix of emotions. We often reconsider what all has happened in the past year and we make resolutions for the next year.
Speaking of resolutions, 2019 has a whole new list of top resolutions for this year. The resolution of losing weight and exercising more is not as popular as it has been in years past. While it is still number one on the list only 38% of people are committing to losing weight and exercising more. That is down from 41% the year before. Interestingly, the resolution to save money and pay off debt is higher on the list than ever before. 37% of people are committing to this resolution which is up 6% from the year before. Others will commit to making new friends, getting a new job or hobby, and 7% to new relationships.
The flip side to this is reflecting on the past year. Almost every single one of us has had something happen to us in this past year that caused us grief. The loss of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, financial changes, job losses, the list could go on and on. I think that in some situations those hardships from the past year sometimes help us shape our new year resolutions whether good or bad. But whatever you do at midnight on Monday evening we all can turn our eyes to God and see what He has to say to us in this next year.
In the book of Revelations 21 the New Jerusalem is being described. In this scripture (verse 5a) it says, “And the one sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!”” What a fantastic blessing we have as Christ followers. While this verse is not speaking of new years or new situations in our life there is a confidence we have as the Children of God that God is making all things new! The new year is a new beginning. What has happened in the 2018 year has been done. We can accept things as they are and move to a better situation in this next year.It won’t be long and the trees and plants will begin to blossom. The grass will turn green again and the birds will be chirping. This time of year, we have so many new beginnings and new chances. What in your own life, your relationship with the Lord, needs to be rekindled? Relationships? Your job? Finances? Health? Personal time and hobbies? Church attendance? Your own personal time of spiritual growth? What in your Christian walk needs to have a resolution to do better in? I believe the Lord is whispering to you, “I am making all things new!” You have a chance right now to commit to deepening your relationship and rekindling your love for our Savior. So, whatever your new year resolution is I pray that you are successful in your resolutions and your relationship with the Lord will grow deeper and stronger! Rely on Him for your success! He is making all things new, are you allowing Him to work in your life to make you new?