Linear or Curved?

I was visiting with someone last week in what was a non-planned meeting. I was waiting for someone else to show up and while they never came someone sat down with me, a friend, and we began to share of some past stories to which we each had a relationship with. While sharing, a statement came out of their mouth, one I knew, but was a good reminder. They said, ‘God’s plan is not always linear.’

I remember when I was in Boy Scouts and the Army we did a lot of compass work with maps. The reason you use a compass is simple. If you know your bearings, you will never get lost. For instance, if you look on a map and it tells you your destination is 32 degrees of north you can set your compass to 32 degrees to north and you will walk right to that destination. If you are in a field or an open environment with no obstacles it is easy to walk a straight line.

But what happens if you are in the forest? Or, perhaps a place with hills and valleys? You always keep your compass at your destination unless a change in the path is needed, or, another destination is sought. See, it doesn’t matter which direction you face, your compass will always be pointing to 32 degrees.

Isn’t that a bit like life? We get a destination in mind. It could be a career, family, a home, a place we would like to settle. But isn’t life filled with hills and valleys? Sometimes, we feel like those hills and valleys can completely derail our destination and we feel as if we will never reach that goal. What if those thoughts and feelings are due to the fact that we have not checked our compass for a while?

Or, what if our compass was set on 32 degrees but it is not a straight journey? God is not a linear God. He does not see one way, nor does he always see the easiest way. Nothing is impossible, and nothing is out of reach. The destination, while it may seem hard to reach it is not with God. Should the valleys come, and the hills stand in our way if our compass is always fixed on God we will always reach our destination.

What is the destination God is leading you on today? What degree is your compass fixed on? Is it aligned with God? Is it on your own bearing? When trials and difficulties come do you try to change the destination or do you keep it where it should be and simply find a way through or around. We have the option and we have the resources. God is our compass. His path is not always straight, but it is always true.